Dernière mise à jour : 20 janv. 2020

It's that time again, at the end of the year that you start thinking about those things you planned doing or quitting. Between us, we could list as much as resolutions we want, we could never keep them all.I've personally spent the last few years telling and promising myself that I'd finally start going at the gym or workout by myself, but I never did. Or it didn't last very long. This is, again, part of my 2020 resolutions ! Lucky for you, there are actually a few that you can actually keep.



credit photo: Pinterest

Face and body care is so important. No matter how tired or lazy you can be, you can't skip the step of taking care of your skin. Your skin is faced to pollution and toxins everyday, it's a living organ that needs extreme precautious care and love. That's why you should drink your water ( about 8 glasses a day ), eat well and use the good products. To make it sound less boring or as a "task" more than a relaxing and a good moment, treat yourself with a bubble bath with candles and music, eat your favorite dessert, have a facial in a beauty salon...

Make 2020 THE year by making it your number one priority !



Eating veggies can sound boring and being old. But it is actually really convenient for you in so many ways. Eating these green-coloured vegetables increases your health and keep you away from the doctor. I give you the fact that some of them may not be attractive, but they are all good for you. Try to see how you would like them, raw, cooked, or in salads, and adapt them. Trust me, it's a good way to start this good habit. Not only it will keep you healthy, but it will cleanse and detoxify your whole body. Your skin will look clear and you'll be glowing like an angel. Bye bye acne and skin problems, hello good skin !

Go to your local farmer's market and shop every coloured vegetable !



Did you know that the average percentage of water in the human body is 65 % ? It's a lot, when we think about it. That's why we've been told since we were kids to drink water. Water is vital to us. It has multiple jobs, including keeping us from dehydration and cleansing our body. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins. On a daily basis, we eliminate about 2 liters of water by sweat, breathing and we need to replace this amount by drinking as much water as our body needs. According to searchers, we need to drink about eight glasses of water a day.

I know that water can be much more boring than a coke. Lucky for you, you can add some flavour by adding lemon in your bottle. Lemon is really good for our health, and it adds some taste you can't resist !



As an 19 year-old student in fashion, I spend usually hours on social networks. I'm constantly looking for new inspirations, news, outfits, things that I like, And of course, I take a lot of pictures. You can guess it's hard for me to limit screen time. In 2020, I've decided to limit that amount of time I spend, forcing my eyes to look through a blue screen. To do so, I'm going to reconnect with that hobby I used to really spend all my time on. Reading books. It helps a lot in getting wiser. Although I've been keeping my distance with literature ever since middle school, I'm going to re-like it. Playing the piano is part of my everyday routine, so I'll just keep playing it.

As a student in my first year of bachelor, I'll soon start to go down the path of "no-life", which consists of doing anything except studying for exams. In order to stay focused and have a clear schedule, I bought a board planner. It helps me keeping my schedule in mind and not forget about important things. A good organisation is really important for a student.


Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury