They formed one of the most mythical couples in Hollywood. Simone Signoret and Yves Montand, great actors from the birth country of the cinema, met in August 1949 at Saint-Paul- de Vence. It's love at first sight, and she leaves Yves Allégret, her current husband, and her daughter Catherine's father to follow Montand. They got married in December 1951 in the same place. 

Their first movie together, The Crucible (Les Sorcières de Salem), a play written by Arthur Miller and adapted by Marcel Aymé was so successful that the performances lasted until Christmas 1955. The year 1961 was filled with emotions for both of them. Simone entered history when she won the very prestigious golden statuette for her performance in Room At The Top. Her acting skills and career were then confirmed. He gained fame for his acting performance, but even more when his affair with Marilyn Monroe during the filming of Let's Make Love, the movie they were shooting together went public and viral. The most striking thing about this couple was how Simone dealt with it. They both loved and respected each other, yet Yves cheated on her. Simone chose to turn a blind eye on it, stating that "the key in a marriage isn't about being blind, but to turn a blind eye when necessary." This famous quote of hers is so inspiring, as it proves her true love for Montand. She even said that she forgave Marilyn, which confirms it. Moreover, she stated that Marilyn had good taste and that she understood how Montand could fall for her charms. They both rest next to each other at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. 

Their couple stayed in memories by its strength, its trueness and its flame stills burns today, more than 30 years after their death.

Here are 10 picture who embodies their love story...

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury