Dernière mise à jour : 28 mars 2020

I’m a lazy person. Literally, and especially when it comes to taking care of my skin. When I was struggling with my severe acne a year ago, I can remember swearing myself about how good I’d take care of my skin, and how serious I’d be. Today, I still have acne, but it’s way less harsh and my skin is clear. 

Because I’m a lazybones, I need my routine to be quick and the products to be efficient. That’s why I try to pick the right products, as natural as possible. For my acne, I would have preferred natural products, but since the only thing that made my acne disappear was Roaccutane and dermatologist products, I use that kind of product. However, I still use plant-based products, such as coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, tea tree…etc, depending on the needs. 

Since it took me a while to find them, and because these products are right for me and probably not for you, please understand that I won’t reveal the exact products I’m currently using. Instead, I'll give you some that I like, or which sound interesting.



When I wake up, my skin and my eyes are puffy, so I need to refreshen them up. Most people splash their face with ice-cold water from the sink. I tried to do it, but since I have a sensitive skin, I use a water spray. It gently wakes my skin, and I then do face massages to wake the blood system. 

There’s no secret for a healthy-looking skin. One word. Moisturizer. Use the products that work for you. As I said, my skin is sensitive, so I use a dermatologist hydrating cream on periods in which I try to get rid of acne. Once the sun slowly starts taking over the Parisian area, I like using natural products from brands I like, such as Kora Organics, Khiels, and Melvita. 

Sometimes, I like giving my skin an extra glow by treating it with a serum. It gives me a fresh and glowing skin. 


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As for my skin, I care about what I put on my skin. I never put on foundation. I think that foundation is the worst thing your skin can endure. I mean, it blocks your pores, it is aggressive, and it contains so many harmful ingredients. Plus, you look like plaster…Why would you be mean to your skin, when you actually can go for simple and healthy products, which will give your skin such a nicer look? 

Instead, I use a tinted moisturizer, in order to give my skin an extra touch of hydration. Then I conceal all the imperfections I need hidden (eye bags, spots, acne…). 

I’m the type of girl who hates full-face and exaggerated makeup. Less is more. I usually go for a natural or colored eye makeup. During the day, I just pop my eyelids with a rosy or peachy eyeshadow, that I will also use as a blush, with a little bit of gloss or lipstick. Of course, the better part is for the end. I never leave my house without mascara. I’ve been using the same for a couple of years now, and it is not ready to leave my vanity. This one, I can give its name to you. It is the best of all. Ladies, I give you the Volume de Chanel. No extra words needed to tell you why I love it. If you tried it once, you know. 

At night, I will simply darken my eyes, and go for a smokey eye, or simple eye-liner with scarlet lips, depending on my mood. There’s this tip I got from my mother, which I also found in someone’s book and which made my life way more interesting. Always be fuckable. You never know. Coco Chanel once said, “dress as if you were meeting the man of your life/soulmate”. She was right. 


I don’t do much at night, except getting my skin rid of makeup and soothing it. I always, whatever are the circumstances or the place I am, remove my makeup. ALWAYS. I use a micellar water and do it until the cotton pad whitens. That’s when you know your skin is free from all bacteria and ready to get nourished with some moisturizer, or face mask. Twice a week, I either do a sleeping mask or detoxifying mask, depending on the needs. For the exfoliating mask, I like turmeric and honey. On a daily basis, the last steps of my routine are putting on my spots a treating cream and spray my face with the same water spray I used in the morning. 

That’s it. Simple. Quick and efficient. 

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury