Dernière mise à jour : 5 oct. 2020

I've been yearning for this one. I mean, September is always about fashion, from Fashion Week to new trends. Writing about it can be stressful, but I wanted to do things well and take my time to cook something good. After weeks of brainstorming, it's finally here.

Summer's over and it's time to change our wardrobe. We officially entered the fall since Sept 21st. Good-bye sleeveless tops and light dresses. Hello to turtlenecks, chunky sweaters, and more. But don't worry because, here at Califorjay, we love this season and its vibes. We're here to give you the ultimate FW 2020/21 fashion and accessory guide. We've combed very cautiously the latest and most stylish trends we could find. So, please, make yourself comfortable on your couch, with hot cocoa, your favorite throw, and keep reading.

The crossover denim jeans

These jeans are everywhere on Instagram. I don't know when this trend appeared, but how could we not like it? I mean, having the crossover button is such a cool idea! It gives another aspect, a modern look to the conventional jeans we've been wearing until now. The great thing about it is the point that you can DIY it with your jeans. But if you want one from a label, the one from Weekday is the best, in my opinion, because it's good quality and it's affordable for everyone. Levi's also manufactures a good one.

Straight jeans also made a big come-back. They are one of the most essentials pieces of the wardrobe. They're flattering and stylish. This year, I've noticed that dark blue and raw jeans made it to the top of the platform, but I have to admit that this kind of jeans is not my favorite. I'm having trouble liking dark blue jeans. I don't know why. Maybe you'll like it.

Cut-out tops and dresses

This one is my favorite so far. The trend appeared a couple of months ago, during the lockdown. Like for the crossover jeans, how could you not like it? I mean, these tops are so flattering, as they add elegance and feminity to a minimal and effortless look. You can find them in many online shops, such as Na-kd, Nasty Gal, Asos, but my favorites are from Shoprumours. The Chantilly Tie Back bodysuit and the City Slicker top are so flattering.

Sleeveless pullovers

Sleeveless pullovers. The thing about it is that we can style it whatever we want. Oversized, as a dress with a white shirt underneath. I've seen it on many IG accounts, girls who decided to break this preppy and bourgeoise code and make it street stylish, wearing it with baggy pants, or skirts.


Flat boots with thick soles. It's a mix between the horse-riding and the combat boots. It's far from the lace-up boost, but with a thick sole and a grunge side. We're more into something simple. Chloé and Bottega Venetta just launched a pair of leather and rubber boots that are so flattering and beautiful! I'm in absolute love for the Chloé's. These are THE trend of this new season. Rubber boots are timeless pieces to have in our wardrobe. We can wear them and style them in so many ways. They match quite well with a minimalist look, and I think they are going to be THE it-shoes to shop this season!

Long skirts

Long skirts. They were in every fashion show, and I have nothing else to say about it, except I love the way we can wear this piece with a big chunky comfy sweater and either a pair of sneakers or boots, even with loafers or mules.

Color palette

Now, let's talk about color. What color palette will we see this season? Fall is obviously about warm tones, nude, black & white, that's a fact. However, this season, we'll turn to warm and rich tones. Brown, chocolate, chestnut, camel, cognac...as it mixed quite well with the general atmosphere. Something we'll also going to reach when it comes to buying leathers. These tones will warm your outfits.

I like it very much, but as for every season, we need to wear other colors. A piece of luck, because green also made it to the top of the color platform. Not just green, but a kind of dark, tropical shade, even though it's a color we'll keep wearing brighter. I think I never wore dark green, but I like it.

Monochromatic looks are trendy too, and my favorite colors to wear together as one are black & white. If black is easy to wear alone, white is not. I like the total white look in fall and winter. I think it really calls the eye, and it looks just wow. It looks so good when it's well-done, that's why we have to choose the fabrics wisely.

Is red your favorite color? Yes? Well, that's a piece of luce as well, because if you noticed, the red color disappeared a little bit these last seasons. It's color that comes back-and-forth. This new season, red has made its come-back in the latest fashion shows, and if you want my opinion, it'll be such a good idea to wear it in leather. Red leather is quite flattering and looks so good.

Tailor suits, blazers, and large pants. Another timeless piece which fits and matches well in every season. In my opinion, the two most essentials of them are the leather vest and the blazer.

The chain is THE accessory to adopt this season. We've seen it first at Bottega Veneta with the pouch bag, and then it became viral. Indeed, the fast-fashion leaders copied and produced it. This season, think chain, whether for clothes and accessories. You decide what color and what piece. You don't have to buy a chain if you already have one. Just find a nice one and add it on top of your clothes. A couple of days ago, I had a chunky chain, and I was wearing a large turtleneck, so I put the chain around the turtleneck. It looked so good.

My favorite brands to shop jewerly are Gas bijoux, Luvaj, Lou Yetu, Astrid and Miyu. They don't stain and keep their shine very well.

In other terms, this fall/winter must haves are, for most of them, basics, oversized clothes, leather, flat and heeled boots, chunky knit, chains, and a good fall color palette !

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury