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Ever since I had acne issues, I've always wanted to have a clear, smooth, flawless glowing skin. The skin that these pretty models in fashion magazines and social media advocate. If you know my background, you know about my cutaneous issues and how sensitive my skin is. But now, let's talk about beauty tips and my secret to smooth and glowing skin. Today, I'm talking about massage and gua sha.

You've probably heard about gua sha and crystal face roller. If not, you have been living under a rock all this time. They started appearing on the beauty market a couple of years ago when face massaging our skin was the new beauty trick to adopt. It somehow attracted me, because I was already familiar with face massages with fingers, and the idea of using tools to do it was quite intriguing. Plus, I was lucky to meet Japanese skin guru Chizu Seiki who told me that our skin's best friends remain a mirror and our hands. No more and no less. That's why I've waited a while before testing these so attractive and beautiful tools.

A couple of days ago, I received my rose quartz roller and gua sha. I was pretty skeptical, to be honest. They are said to smooth skin, shrink pores, and reduce fine lines. Also, I chose the rose quartz because of its benefits. If you know me, then you know about my passion for crystals. If not, I'll explain it in an upcoming post. I've been following Miranda Kerr's face massage tutorial every morning, and I've noticed striking changes. I was surprised, yet astonished to see that my skin is now a bit smoother and more glowy. No more dull and puffy face when I wake up. For better results, I store my roller and gua sha in the fridge. Freshness is the best remedy for dark circles and a good blood circulation.

Here's now how I use these tools. 

  1. For both of them, I do pretty much the same motions, always starting from my neck, and going upward to the forehead. 

  2. My mother always told me to be gentle with my skin, especially with my under-eye skin, as it is more sensitive. So, be gentle when using them. 

  3. Make sure to use it with a face oil or a moisturizer. Never rub your roller or your gua sha against your dry skin. You don't want to irritate it. 

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury

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