Today, the fashion industry is probably at its biggest peak. It needs to slow down if we don't want our future generations to deal with catastrophic environmental disasters. But this is not the only problem. Fashion must go green and stop using chemicals or mistreat animals for fabrics.

Fortunately, a couple of designers already understood the urge to act, like Stella McCartney, Marine Serre, Jacquemus...and Stella Pardo. The woman behind has created a fashion ethical brand with strong values rooted in nature that we love. Here's why.

Cinthya Guerrero is a French and Peruvian designer. Her brand, launched in 2011 is rooted in Peruvian traditions and centered around natural knit from baby alpaga and traditional making. But most of all, it's a family business.

What we love first is that it is a brand created by a woman, whose clothes are handmade knitted by women in Peru and wore by other women. A very feminine community filled with positive vibes, as women who make the clothes are communities of housewives knitting with each other in a warm and joyful atmosphere. Moreover, the fact that they earn money for it gives them the opportunity to somehow, empower themselves in their country.

The second reason why we love it is her brand vision. She didn't want just a creative label. She also wanted to have human and environmental responsibilities. As a committed woman, Guerrero has a sustainable lifestyle and consumes thoughtfully. She wants to be part of a conscious community and revendicatif claim her attachment to nature. That is why she advocates slow-fashion and wishes to act for the preservation of ancestral traditions. She claims a fair consuming mode, by fighting against waste. That is why collections are limited.

Stella Pardo puts the accent on natural and organic fabrics that are produced by certified labels, including:

  1. Pima Cotton: it is the less water-consuming cotton because it grows on arid areas in Peru.

  2. Organic Peruvian cotton

  3. Premium alpaga wool: Guerrero likes it because alpaga is the animal having the most varieties of shades in its natural color, and also because we call collect the wool while totally respecting the animal.

  4. Recycled fibers

  5. The different fabric colours come from plants and flowers thanks to ancestral incas techniques.

Apart from a sustainable vision, we love the fact that through her brand and fame, Peruvian art and women working for it are highlighted and celebrated. They have social recognition, gain a fair income, good work conditions and have an economic independence. Something that I deeply admire and approve.

But who's the Stella Pardo girl? According to Guerrero, she's the typical Parisian girl who prefer comfy clothes rather than being chic. She thinks that we can by sexy while being comfy. And we totally agree!

Here's a couple of pieces from the current collection. If you like one of these, hurry because they're almost gone and you don't wanna miss them!

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury