It's not rare to witness collaborations between brands nowadays. Labels usually combine their savoir-faire with others to produce the perfect reflection of their universes. Today, we will talk about beauty and decoration. The last luxury collaboration fitting with the theme was when celebrity makeup artist Path McGrath decided to create a lipstick with hype brand Supreme. A couple of weeks ago, Diptyque announced its new hand cream collection, the Essential hand care Ritual. A lot of people might have missed it, but this new collection was not only about hand care but about sustainability. Indeed, the brand has collaborated with Stoelzle Masnières, another french luxury house best known for having designed glass packagings for big houses like Chanel and Bulgari.

If you're Parisian, you certainly know these candles or fragrances. You know, these elegant and intense beauties everyone has? They are literally must-haves for interior decoration. They are such an iconic allegory of french elegance. However, the brand, founded in 1961, isn't centered on candles and fragrances. Over the years, the brand enriched its domain by opening itself to the beauty industry. Apart from candles, you can fall for each part of L'Art du Soin: La Solution Lavante, the infused water, the hand soap, and a few others. The products are formulated in adequation with the European legislation: they are the purest result of nature and science combination.

Photo credits: Diptyque

The sustainable part of it is that now, Stoelzle Masnières designed glass packagings for the Essential Hand Care Ritual. There are three products in the collection range: La Solution Lavante Exfoliante, La Solution Lavante Reconfortante, and the L'Emulsion Velours. Each one of them is a refillable glass bottle and thus becomes a sustainable decorative object, carrying senses and emotions.

Diptyque has just recently gone green, so it is a good start for the brand to show how engaged it is. Indeed, this concept is about to be applied to all of its products, according to their engagement chart.

You can find these new products on the website, or visit the nearest store (when the lockdown is over obviously).


Jade Ossona

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