This article is quite different from others I've posted until now. You probably all know that I'm a student in fashion and luxury at the Paris School of Luxury. If you don't know of this school, it's fine, it's new, and really fun out there. What I like the most about it is the fact that I finally have the chance to study and do things I like, and I also like the creative weeks that we have monthly. These creative weeks are challenges in which we, officially or not, collaborate with brands and work for them.

The one we just finished was special, because it was the biggest we'll have this year. We worked with Longchamp, and had the mission to help them reconnect with the Generation Z. We helped them analyse young people's opinions and codes about fashion and luxury, and most importantly, we gave them ideas for their products.

With my group, we figured out a couple of interesting things about them, according to a question form and a few interviews that we did.

First, we discovered that Gen Zers are often contradictory towards luxury when it comes to the price. They mostly prefer quality, durability, the brand legacy, over style and price. In their opinion, luxury is too pricy. These purchasing criteria are important to them, yet when it comes to select their ideal price for a luxury bag, they'll give between 800 and 1700 euros.

Then, young people prefer to invest in items that last, that they're sure to keep for a long time. Like bags, shoes, streetwear and jewels...

And then, we asked people what they think about Longchamp, what does the brand represent for them. We asked about over a hundred persons, and the answers are really mixed, qualified. For some of them, Longchamp and its bags represent the French elegance, are chic, simple, while for some others, the brand is getting wrinkles, is old-fashioned.

So what should Longchamp do in order to achieve its goal and reconnect with Gen Z? We thought about a couple of things and we agreed on the point that first, the brand should adapt itself to the new generation, maybe re-think about its design, logo, just like brands like Balmain, Dior, Celine, Saint Laurent, and Margiela.

And then we proposed the idea of a new item. A 2-in 1 hand bag which can be folded as a party smaller bag, following the idea of the "sac pliage". The bag is reversible thanks to two incorporated ZIPs. There are two different handles including a silver chain, and another leather one, removable thanks to rings. For the regular side of the bag, the handle is the leather one, and the inside is phosphorescent, which is revealed when we reverse the bag. This handle can be removed thanks to the rings and replaced by the silver chain. .

Here's the original sketch we drew, just to give you an idea of what the bag looks like:


This project was ran by Jade Ossona, Claire Bourchis, Joséphine Hervé, Charlotte Fresnel

Students at Paris School of Luxury