Ever since she ran Dior womenswear collections, Maria Grazia Chiuri never stopped paying tribute to the brand itself in her designs. We mostly know her for her fierce feminism, but she really has this strength of highlighting the brand and its roots. During the launch of the Fall 2020 collection, a new bag is unveiled. Its name? Dior Bobby. To understand its meaning and its story, let’s go back to Christian’s living days.

The reason behind the name is a subtle tribute to Bobby, Dior’s late dog, whose name was used a couple of times to name designs. In his memoirs, Christian Dior explained there was a successful Bobby suit in each collection. Moreover, a limited-edition fragrance designed by Fernand Guery-Colas was formulated and named Bobby.

It was natural to Chiuri then to name her new fall bag Bobby. In my opinion, this piece is very likely to become part of the iconic Dior bags. Indeed, this is a bag with timeless modernity.

With its curved silhouette, this new road companion comes in three sizes: small, medium, wide, and declines itself in several colors: black, cream, beige, blue, grey, and two camel shades. It goes with a shoulder strap - in leather or Dior Oblique canvas- to finish with taste its couture look. Perfect for the present day, this half-moon bag can be carried by hand, shoulder, or crossbody.

Personally, I am obsessed with this bag. I mean, first, I thought it was very equestrian-like, but I ended up completely falling for its design. If I ever had to buy it, which I really hope so one day, I would choose the medium size in beige, because it matches my personality, and beige is such a pure color.

When it comes to buying luxury goods, I think three criteria must be reviewed before buying. First, think classic, timeless. Dior Bobby is about to become of this kind. Then think about long-term wearing. If you are sure you will wear it for a long time, then it is worth buying. Finally, choose a piece you really like. That is a very personal choice to make, one you will not regret.

It already has won the heart of several fashion influencers, such as Carla Ginola, Romee Strijd, Tasha Oakley, Sofya Ben Kazour, Alison Toby. If you wish to invest in a luxury good, this one is really worth it.

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury