The Covid-19 pandemic had such effects on the fashion sphere, including awareness about climate and environmental issues. Among the countless resolutions the fashion sphere took, there is one we should get interested in the most. Up-cycling. If we take a few moments to think about it, up-cycling is the best thing to do if we want to help the planet and stop ruining it. In my opinion, it is, and I am not the only one.

Some people like Kevin Germanier, a fashion designer, combined their vision with the concept and made remarkable sustainable designs. Some other creative people like Raphael le Friant combined it with art, and the result is striking.


Raphael Le Friant is a 20-year old influencer and artist who was born in France and raised most of his life in Paris. At the age of 12, Raph moved to Los Angeles, where he developed a heartfelt passion for art and fashion. For the past ten years, Raphael has been developing his style, highly influenced by artists and figures of the 80s such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, or Andy Warhol.

Raphael’s main and continuous source of inspiration is his father, French producer and DJ Bob Sinclar, a collector and fashion lover as well. He actively works with Raphael in the development of his brand and has taught him all that he knows, including the importance of self-dedication and image. He partnered with well-known labels such as Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Pull & Bear, and Diesel.

This year, Raphael has been working on his first exhibition as well as the launch of his fashion brand, About Dreams, whose logo is a butterfly he designed himself, and the main code of the label. The latest collection, which will launch on September 18th, 2020, is called Monarque. The name was well-chosen. Indeed, Monarque is a butterfly species and evidence that Raphael's vision is not just about fashion, but around art and nature.


The pieces from the collection point that Raphael's style is unique. Oversized shirts, sweaters, large pants, and jeans ...all of them bearing one or several butterflies. If you ask him about his go-to outfit, he would say that exactly, and a cool pair of Nike Air Jordan, most of the time, pairs from collaborations between brands, like Nike x Off-White.

Now let's talk about fabrication. In order to avoid making new clothes, everything is bought, up-cycled, and replenished in France. A great idea which helps the planet a lot. Indeed, you should know how much water is required to produce a pair of jeans. A lot. The most loved pieces from the collection are jeans so that a was a great deal.

Fun fact! Raphael's artistic vision isn't limited to clothes. It also expands to artwork. He's been painting canvas for years, taking inspiration from famous and amazing artists Basquiat, Haring, and Warhol. Canvas you can see pictures of on his social media from time to time.

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury