Mis à jour : 11 déc. 2019

You wanna know why you'll love this breakfast? First because it's yummy and so accurate this season. But also because it only takes less that 3 minutes for you to prepare it. I love oatmeal, but I don't eat it every day. I enjoy eating it in fall or winter mostly, because I think that it perfectly matches with this periods's vibes. The so familiar smells of the hot chocolate, the cinnamon, the oat...


- 30g of unsweetened oats

- low fat almond milk (I don't like cow milk, but you can use it if you want)

- dark chocolate (70/80%)


1. Pour all the ingredients in a safe bowl

2. Microwave for 30'

3. Mix it with a spoon and enjoy!

Jade Ossona

Student at Paris School of Luxury