As a student at the Paris School of luxury, I am often challenged what is called a creative week. The concept is the following: I have to come up with marketing strategies, digital campaigns, and events for brands. 
This page is a showcase of what my teams and I worked on. Until now, we have worked with brands from Longchamp, Undiz, Aigle, and Firmenich. You will find presentations of creative weeks projects and mock projects. 
The files are PDFs.


Octobre 2019

My first ever Creative Week. This time, the collaboration was not official, but we learned a lot.

Novembre 2019

In the framework of a collaboration with the house, we had to come up with a new marketing strategy in order to target more Gen Zers.

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Février 2021

In the framework of a class project, my team and myself had to choose an advertising campaign, and create a press kit out of it. We chose to work on one of the latest ads for a not so new fragrance.


Exceptional Achievement

In the framework of a Creative Week, we partnered with Lacoste, who itself decided to partner with a famous gaming company. We had to come up with a design clothing capsule, along with a concept and create a pop-up store.

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May 2021

In the framework of a collaboration with the brand, we had to come up with a very special event idea for Christmas. Unfortunately, I can't say much about it as there was a confidential contract, but it was amazing to be able to work with them.